Saturday, February 7, 2015

Music- February

For February, we are learning a Lenten hymn called, Think of the Son of God. If you haven't already, please sign up for Traditional Catholic Living's monthly newsletter. You can find the music for this month's hymn here, on page 276:

And listen to the piano for it here:

Language Arts- Week 9

Because of our long break, we reviewed all the grammar we have learned so far. Then we went over this week's memory sentence.
What is an adverb?
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or another verb.

After discussing adverbs, I showed a few examples on the board. 
For homework:
Carmelites: Write as many adverbs as you can think of for the word "talk"
Dominicans: Write as many adverbs as you can think of for the word "talk"

Great Words 1:
Time to learn a very long poem! We again practiced different movements for each line to help us memorize the poem.
1. Princess Pocahontas (make a triangle with your fingers and put them on your head to look like a tiara)
2. Powhatan's daughter (cross your arms like an Indian chief and bow your head)
3. Stared at the white men (make a glaring expression)
4. Come across the water (make a wave with your hand)

We reviewed all style techniques that the children have been taught so far this year. I also taught the children a few new decorations. Dialogue, alliterations, similes, and metaphors. We also read a short story about "The Shot Heard 'Round the World." We worked on a story sequence chart together.
For homework:
The children are to complete a quotation worksheet to help them learn the proper way to use dialogue within a story. They were also given a copy of Longfellow's "Paul Revere." They are to mark any alliteration, simile, or metaphor that they can find in the poem. 

Science- Week 9

The Law of Conservation of Energy

This week in Science I talked to the children about The Law of Conservation of Energy. I pointed out to them that "conserve" sounds like "preserve" and that energy cannot be created or destroyed, therefore being "preserved". I also showed them an example of potential and kinetic energy. (Hold a ball- potential. Drop the ball- kinetic)

We also talked about two scientific statements. 

1. Potential energy increases when the height of an object increases.

To see if the statement is true, we made a ramp and dropped a ball down the ramp. We marked the spot where it stopped. Then we increased the height of the ramp, and compare the stopping point of the ball. It did indeed go further because of the increase in potential energy. 

2. Kinetic energy increases as the mass of an object increases. 

To test this statement, we released a golf ball and a styrofoam ball down the ramp at the same time and the golf ball went much faster and further than the styrofoam ball, proving that this statement was also true. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

1st-2nd grade art~ Week 5

In class this week, the Carmelites created owls in a tree.

Materials Needed
Blue construction paper
Black paint
Brown paint
White paint

This is an easy project to do yet challenging enough to engage even the more advanced artist in this age group.

Some of the kids wanted to paint their owls instead of using their hands to create the owl. Either way works.

Preschool & Kindergarten Art~ Week 5

This week the Angels and Benedictine classes created their own pieces of Indian Corn.

We used green and yellow construction paper to create ears of corn. To get the Indian corn look, we added button of yellow, orange, and cream to our ears!

They had a fun adding the buttons to their pieces of corn...some a little more fun than others.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Religion Week 8

Our worksheets yesterday had a few questions about "Was Crucified" from the Creed.  In 5th and 6th, we also reviewed the homework about the Christmas present wrapped up in special gift wrap and ribbons, just as God's gift of Jesus Christ to the world was wrapped up in the Immaculate Virgin Mary.
The CCM memory work was the 7 corporal works of mercy.  So for the craft, we cut out the spiritual and corporal works of mercy to put besides out special popsicle stick manger (found here.)  The kids also made hay to put in the manger for Advent every time they complete a work of mercy to make the Christ Child warm and cozy on Christmas morning.  They are also welcome to write their good deed on the piece of hay if desired.  Unfortunately, 5th and 6th grade did not get to finish the mangers, but they are pretty simple to do at home.  The hot glue was a little messy, but they turned out okay :)
Also, thank you for a wonderful semester!  My kids and I had such a great time each week at co-op because of everybody's hard work and dedication!  God bless you all!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Religion Week 7

"Suffered Under Pontius Pilate" is the next line of the Creed.  In 1st through 4th, we answered the worksheets together, and talked about who Pontius Pilate was and how Jesus was condemned to death.  We also talked about how it was necessary for Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us so that we can get to heaven one day.  Then we did fun toothpick crosses.  They can be cut out after drying.  The craft was found here.

In 5th and 6th, we also went over the Week 5 homework about Christ as our Good Shepherd, and how He always takes care of us.  Also, just as sheep are sometimes marked for their owners, we have a permanent mark on out souls from Baptism so Christ knows we belong to Him.  We discussed how in the analogy, the sheepdogs are like bishops and priests that help steer us toward Jesus.  We also decided the Devil is like a wolf!  Yikes!  Here's a fun video :)

We also did a great crucifix watercolor craft found here.  The kids did a great job!